You use the catalog service to perform tasks related to requesting a machine.

The catalog service is comprised APIs for the consumer, service providers, and service administrators. It is designed to be used by consumers and providers of the service catalog. For example, a consumer would request a catalog item such as a machine. The service provider would fulfill the request.

The catalog service includes Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS) links. The links function as templates that you can use to complete common tasks supported by the API.

For example, if you submit a template request for a given context, such as: catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems/dc808d12-3786-4f7c-b5a1-d5f997c8ad66/requests/template. You use the returned template, either as-is or modified, to create a request that you POST or PUT to the target API, such as: catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems/dc808d12-3786-4f7c-b5a1-d5f997c8ad66/requests.