Using the vRealize Automation API Reference, you can view reference information for the REST APIs in each vRealize Automation service, including parameter values, return codes, and implementation notes.

About this task

You can choose the category for a specified REST API and view reference information about the APIs included in the category.


Review About the API Reference for information on how to access vRealize Automation API Reference.


  1. Log in to vRealize Automation and append component-registry/services/docs to the URL to display a list of general services.
  2. From the pull-down menu on the vRealize Automation API Reference start page, select a service.

    For example, select approval-service. API Swagger doc

    The Swagger documentation page for the service appears.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the web page to view the API categories included in the service.

    API Swagger doc categories

  4. Select a category or click List Operations to display all HTTP operations for the category.
  5. Select an operation to view the reference information for a single operation or click Expand Operations to display reference information for all operations.
  6. Click Show/Hide to toggle on or off the display of reference information for the operations in a category.
  7. Scroll to the top of the web page and click Tips.

    A page appears with information about requesting a bearer token and about available pagination, sorting, and filtering options for any given command