On the Prerequisite Checker page, you check and fix your vRealize Automation Windows servers to support IaaS installation.

The prerequisite checker inspects Windows machines where you installed the Management Agent and will host IaaS components. Prerequisites include Java, Internet Information Services (IIS) settings, the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) service, and more. For a detailed list of prerequisites, click Show Details.

The Installation Wizard allows you to proceed without checking for prerequisites, but be aware that installation might fail.

  • To check for prerequisites, click Run.

  • If prerequisites are missing, click Show Details to learn more, then click Fix.

    The Installation Wizard can fix most software or setting-based prerequisites. After making changes, the Installation Wizard restarts your IaaS hosts.

    The wizard cannot fix insufficient memory or CPU. You must correct those issues in vSphere or on your hardware, if they occur.