A vRealize Automation system administrator can install the IaaS schema on an empty database. This installation method provides maximum control over database security.


  • Verify the database installation prerequisites. See IaaS SQL Server Host.

  • Open a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance installer URL, and download the IaaS database installation scripts.



  1. Navigate to the Database directory within the directory where you extracted the installation zip archive.
  2. Extract the DBInstall.zip archive to a local directory.
  3. Log in to the Windows database host with sysadmin privileges within the SQL Server instance.
  4. Edit the following files, and replace all instances of the variables in the table with the correct values for your environment.
    Table 1. Database Values




    Name of the database, such as vra. Database names must consist of no more than 128 ASCII characters.


    Path to the data directory for the database, excluding the final slash.


    Path to the log directory for the database, excluding the final slash.

  5. Review the settings in the DB Settings section of SetDatabaseSettings.sql and edit them if needed.

    The settings in the script are the recommended settings for the IaaS database. Only ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION ON and READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON are required.

  6. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  7. Click New Query.

    An SQL Query window opens.

  8. On the Query menu, ensure that SQLCMD Mode is selected.
  9. Paste the entire modified contents of CreateDatabase.sql into the query pane.
  10. Below the CreateDatabase.sql content, paste the entire modified contents of SetDatabaseSettings.sql.
  11. Click Execute.

    The script runs and creates the database.

What to do next

Install the IaaS Components in a Distributed Configuration.