You can use these flags to modify the upgrade process to work around upgrade problems.


These flags provide ways to modify the upgrade process if you experience problems upgrading your environment.





Prevents IaaS upgrade process after the virtual appliance restarts.


Prevents the Management Agent upgrade. This flag is suitable when the Management Agent is upgraded manually.


Prevents the automatic prerequisite checks and fixes. This flag is suitable when there is a problem with the automatic prerequisite fixes and the fixes have been applied manually instead.


Prevents stopping IaaS services. The upgrade does not stop the IaaS Windows services, such as the Manager Service, DEMs, and agents.


Prevents the automatic upgrade of all server IaaS components, such as the database, web site, WAPI, repository, Model Manager data, and Manager Service.


This flag also prevents enabling the Manager Service automatic failover mode.


Prevents DEM upgrade.


Prevents agent upgrade.