You can increase the time setting for update if the default setting for synchronising databases is too short for your environment.


The timeout setting for the Vcac-Config SynchronizeDatabases command is not sufficient for some environments where synchronising databases takes longer than the default value of 3600 seconds.

The cafeTimeoutInSeconds and cafeRequestPageSize property values in the Vcac-Config.exe.config file govern the communication between the API and the Vcac-config.exe utility tool. The file is at IaaS installation location\VMware\vCAC\Server\Model Manager Data\Cafe\Vcac-Config.exe.config.

You can override the default timeout value just for the SynchronizeDatabases command by supplying a value for these optional parameters.


Short Name




Sets the http request timeout value only for SynchronizeDatabases in seconds.



Sets the sync request page size only for Reservation or Reservation Policy synchronization. The default is 10.

If these parameters are not set in the Vcac-Config.exe.config file, the system uses the default timeout value.