Finish the backup prerequisites before you upgrade vRealize Automation 6.2.5 to 7.4.


  • Verify that your source environment is fully installed and configured.

  • For each appliance in the source environment, back up all the vRealize Automation appliance configuration files in the following directories.

    • /etc/vcac/

    • /etc/vco/

    • /etc/apache2/

    • /etc/rabbitmq/

  • Back up the vRealize Automation external workflow configuration (xmldb) files on your system. Store the backup files in a temporary directory. These files are at \VMware\vCA\Server\ExternalWorkflows\xmldb\. You restore the xmldb files on your new system after migration. See Restore External Workflow Timeout Files.

    For a related problem, see Backup Copies of .xml Files Cause the System to Time Out.

  • Back up the external vRealize Automation PostgreSQL database. To see if your PostgreSQL database is external, complete these steps.

    1. Log in to the vRealize Automation appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name,

      For a distributed environment, log in to the primary vRealize Automation appliance management console.

    2. Select vRA Settings > Database.

    3. If the vRealize Automation PostgreSQL database node host is different from the vRealize Automation appliance host, back up the database. If the database node host is the same as the appliance host, you do not need to back up the database.

      For information about the PostgreSQL database backup, see

  • Create a snapshot of your tenant configuration and the users assigned.

  • Back up any files you have customized, such as DataCenterLocations.xml.

  • Create a snapshot of each virtual appliance and IaaS server. Adhere to regular guidelines for backing up the entire system in case the vRealize Automation upgrade is unsuccessful. See Backup and Recovery for vRealize Automation Installations.