When adding NICs to a vRealize Automation installation, if you need static routes, you open a command prompt session to configure them.


Add multiple NICs to vRealize Automation appliances or IaaS Windows servers.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation appliance command line as root.
  2. Open the routes file in a text editor.


  3. Locate the default line for the default gateway, but do not modify it.

    In cases where the default gateway needs to change, use the vRealize Automation management interface instead.

  4. Below the default line, add new lines for static routes. For example:

    default - - eth0 eth2

  5. Save and close the routes file.
  6. Restart the appliance.
  7. In HA clusters, repeat the process for each appliance.
  8. Log in to the IaaS Windows server as an administrator.
  9. Open a command prompt as administrator.
  10. To configure a static route, enter the route -p add command, where -p persists the static route across restarts. For example:

    C:\Windows\system32> route -p add mask metric 1

    For more information about configuring static routes in Windows, see the Microsoft documentation.