If the SQL database is installed on a separate host from the Manager Service, database access from the Manager Service must be enabled. If the user name under which the Manager Service will run is the owner of the database, no action is required. If the user is not the owner of the database, the system administrator must grant access.



  1. Navigate to the Database subdirectory within the directory where you extracted the installation zip archive.
  2. Extract the DBInstall.zip archive to a local directory.
  3. Log in to the database host as a user with the sysadmin role in the SQL Server instance.
  4. Edit VMPSOpsUser.sql and replace all instances of $(Service User) with user (from Step 3) under which the Manager Service will run.

    Do not replace ServiceUser in the line ending with WHERE name = N'ServiceUser').

  5. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  6. Select the database (vCAC by default) in Databases in the left-hand pane.
  7. Click New Query.

    The SQL Query window opens in the right-hand pane.

  8. Paste the modified contents of VMPSOpsUser.sql into the query window.
  9. Click Execute.


Database access is enabled from the Manager Service.