Replica vRealize Automation appliance fails to update during master appliance update.


A replica appliance can fail to update due to connectivity issues or other failures. When this happens, you see a warning message on the master vRealize Automation appliance Update tab, highlighting the replica that failed to update.


  1. Revert the replica virtual appliance snapshot or backup to the pre-update state and power it on.
  2. Log in as root to the replica vRealize Automation appliance management interface.


  3. Click Update > Settings.
  4. Select to download the updates from a VMware repository or CDROM in the Update Repository section.
  5. Click Status.
  6. Click Check Updates to verify that an update is accessible.
  7. Click Install Updates.
  8. Click OK.

    A message stating that the update is in progress appears.

  9. Open the log files to verify that upgrade is progressing successfully.
    • /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/vami.log

    • /var/log/vmware/horizon/horizon.log

    If you log out during the upgrade process and log in again before the upgrade is finished, you can continue to follow the progress of the update in the log file. The updatecli.log file might display information about the version of vRealize Automation that you are upgrading from. This displayed version changes to the proper version later in the upgrade process.

    The time required for the update to finish varies according to your environment.

  10. When the update is finished reboot the virtual appliance.
    1. Click System.
    2. Click Reboot and confirm your selection.
  11. Select vRA Settings > Cluster.
  12. Enter the master vRealize Automation appliance FQDN and click Join Cluster.