Before you migrate from vRealize Automation 7.1 or 7.3 to 7.4, you must apply a hot fix to the source appliance so that you can upgrade Software Agents to TLS 1.2.

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol provides data integrity between your browser and vRealize Automation. This hot fix makes it possible for the Software Agents in your source environment to upgrade to TLS 1.2. This upgrade ensures the highest level of security and is required for vRealize Automation 7.1 or 7.3. Each version has its own hot fix.


A running vRealize Automation 7.1 or 7.3 source environment.


Apply this hot fix to your source vRealize Automation 7.1 or 7.3 appliance before you migrate to 7.4. See Knowledge Base article 52897.

What to do next

Change DoDeletes Setting on the vSphere Agent to False.