(Enterprise Deployments Only) On the Web Role page, you separately configure the vRealize Automation IaaS Web site in IIS.

In an enterprise deployment, you separately specify the IaaS Windows machine that hosts the Web component. For high availability, multiple hosts are supported.



Website Name

Customize the name or leave it as the IIS Default Web Site.

Avoid hosting additional Web sites in IIS. vRealize Automation sets the binding on its communication port to all unassigned IP addresses, making no additional bindings possible.


Customize the port or accept the default of 443.

IaaS Web Servers

IaaS Host Name

Enter the FQDN of each IaaS Windows machine that hosts the IaaS Web component.


In DOMAIN\username format, enter the service account. The account must be a domain account with local administrator privileges on the IaaS Windows server.


Enter the account password.

Installation Path

Leave clear to accept the default of %ProgramFiles(x86)%\VMware, or enter an alternative location.

If you install multiple IaaS components on the same Windows machine, install them all under the same installation path.