A disk space issue, along with the promotion of replica and master vRealize Automation appliance database nodes, might cause provisioning problems.


The master node runs out of disk space. You log in to its management interface Database page, and promote a replica node with enough space to become the new master. Promotion appears to succeed when you refresh the management interface page, even though an error message occurred.

Later, on the node that was the old master, you free up the disk space. After you promote the node back to master, however, provisioning operations fail by being stuck IN_PROGRESS.


vRealize Automation cannot properly update the old master node configuration when the problem is not enough space.


If the management interface displays errors during promotion, temporarily exclude the node from the load balancer. Correct the node problem, for example by adding disk, before re-including it on the load balancer. Then, refresh the management interface Database page and verify that the right nodes are master and replica.