If you use an vRealize Orchestrator appliance cluster with vRealize Automation, you must upgrade the Orchestrator appliance cluster to version 7.4 by upgrading a single instance and joining newly installed 7.4 nodes to the upgraded instance.



  1. From the Control Center, upgrade the vRealize Automation NSX plugin.
  2. Stop the vco-server and vco-configurator Orchestrator services on all cluster nodes.
  3. Upgrade only one of the Orchestrator server instances in your cluster using one of the documented procedures.
  4. Deploy a new Orchestrator appliance on version 7.4.
    1. Configure the new node with the network settings of an existing not upgraded instance that is part of the cluster.
  5. Access Control Center of the second node to start the configuration wizard.
    1. Navigate to https://your_orchestrator_server_IP_or_DNS_name:8283/vco-controlcenter.
    2. Log in as root with the password you entered during OVA deployment.
  6. Select the Clustered Orchestrator deployment type.

    By choosing this type, you select to join the node to an existing Orchestrator cluster.

  7. In the Hostname text box, enter the host name or IP address of the first Orchestrator server instance.

    This must be the local IP or host name of the Orchestrator instance, to which you are joining the second node. You must not use the load balancer address.

  8. In the User name and Password text boxes, enter the root credentials of the first Orchestrator server instance.
  9. Click Join. The Orchestrator instance clones the configuration of the node, to which it joins.

    The Orchestrator server service of both nodes restart automatically.

  10. Access Control Center of the upgraded Orchestrator cluster through the load balancer address and log in as an administrator.
  11. On the Orchestrator Cluster Management page, make sure that the Active Configuration Fingerprint and the Pending Configuration Fingerprint strings on all nodes in the cluster match.

    You might need to refresh the page several times until the two strings match.

  12. Verify that the vRealize Orchestrator cluster is configured properly by opening the Validate Configuration page in Control Center.
  13. (Optional) Repeat steps 3 through 8 for each additional node in the cluster.
  14. From the Control Center, upgrade the vRealize Automation NSX plugin.


You have successfully upgraded the Orchestrator cluster.

What to do next

Enable Your Load Balancers.