When maintaining an environment or network, you might need to assign a different host name to a vRealize Automation appliance.


Renaming takes vRealize Automation offline for several minutes.

The same steps apply for standalone, master, and replica vRealize Automation appliances.


  1. In DNS, create an additional record with the new node host name.

    Do not remove the existing DNS record with the old host name yet.

  2. Wait for DNS replication and zone distribution to occur.
  3. Log in as root to the vRealize Automation appliance command line.
  4. Run the following command.

    vcac-config hostname-change --host new-hostname --certificate certificate-file-name

    A certificate file is optional unless the old appliance host name was used in a certificate. If so, supply an updated certificate that has the new host name.

    When you specify a certificate file, the renaming command also imports the certificate and returns the certificate ID.

    A certificate file must be in the same format as the text output of the /config/ssl/generate-certificate API command and contain the new DNS name in its SAN field.

  5. Wait up to 15 minutes or more for the renaming process to finish. The command actions take a few minutes, followed by several additional minutes for service re-registration.
  6. If the old appliance host name was used with a load balancer in an HA environment, check and reconfigure the load balancer with the new name.
  7. In DNS, remove the existing DNS record with the old host name.


If you have problems changing a host name, try the separate procedures from the vRealize Automation 7.3 documentation instead.