A system administrator can deploy vRealize Automation in a distributed configuration, which provides failover protection and high-availability through redundancy.

The Distributed Deployment Checklist provides a high-level overview of the steps required to perform a distributed installation.

Table 1. Distributed Deployment Checklist



Check Box Plan and prepare the installation environment and verify that all installation prerequisites are met.

Preparing for vRealize Automation Installation

Check BoxPlan for and obtain your SSL certificates.

Certificate Trust Requirements in a Distributed Deployment

Check Box Deploy the lead vRealize Automation appliance server, and any additional appliances you require for redundancy and high availability.

Deploy the vRealize Automation Appliance

Check Box Configure your load balancer to handle vRealize Automation appliance traffic.

Configuring Your Load Balancer

Check Box Configure the lead vRealize Automation appliance server, and any additional appliances you deployed for redundancy and high availability.

Configuring Appliances for vRealize Automation

Check Box Configure your load balancer to handle the vRealize Automation IaaS component traffic and install vRealize Automation IaaS components.

Install the IaaS Components in a Distributed Configuration

Check Box If required, install agents to integrate with external systems.

Installing vRealize Automation Agents

Check Box Configure the default tenant and provide the IaaS license.

Configure Access to the Default Tenant

vRealize Orchestrator

The vRealize Automation appliance includes an embedded version of vRealize Orchestrator that is now recommended for use with new installations. In older deployments or special cases, however, users might connect vRealize Automation to a separate, external vRealize Orchestrator. See https://www.vmware.com/products/vrealize-orchestrator.html.

For information about connecting vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator, see VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vRealize Automation.

Directories Management

If you install a distributed installation with load balancers for high availability and failover, notify the team responsible for configuring your vRealize Automation environment. Your tenant administrators must configure Directories Management for high availability when they configure the link to your Active Directory.