You install the Distributed Execution Manager as one of two roles: DEM Orchestrator or DEM Worker. You must install at least one DEM instance for each role, and you can install additional DEM instances to support failover and high-availability.

The system administrator must choose installation machines that meet predefined system requirements. The DEM Orchestrator and the Worker can reside on the same machine.

As you plan to install Distributed Execution Managers, keep in mind the following considerations:

  • DEM Orchestrators support active-active high availability. Typically, you install one DEM Orchestrator on each Manager Service machine.

  • Install the Orchestrator on a machine with strong network connectivity to the Model Manager host.

  • Install a second DEM Orchestrator on a different machine for failover.

  • Typically, you install DEM Workers on the IaaS Manager Service server or on a separate server. The server must have network connectivity to the Model Manager host.

  • You can install additional DEM instances for redundancy and scalability, including multiple instances on the same machine.

There are specific requirements for the DEM installation that depend on the endpoints you use. See IaaS Distributed Execution Manager Host.