Before you can integrate vCloud Director with vRealize Automation, you must install and configure your vCloud Director instance, set up your vSphere and cloud resources, and identify or create appropriate credentials to provide vRealize Automation with access to your vCloud Director environment.

Configure Your Environment

Configure your vSphere resources and cloud resources, including virtual datacenters and networks. For more information, see the vCloud Director documentation.

Required Credentials for Integration

Create or identify either organization administrator or system administrator credentials that your vRealize Automation IaaS administrators can use to bring your vCloud Director environment under vRealize Automation management as an endpoint.

User Role Considerations

vCloud Director user roles in an organization do not need to correspond with roles in vRealize Automation business groups. If the user account does not exist in vCloud Director, vCloud Director performs a lookup in the associated LDAP or Active Directory and creates the user account if the user exists in the identity store. If it cannot create the user account, it logs a warning but does not fail the provisioning process. The provisioned machine is then assigned to the account that was used to configure the vCloud Director endpoint.

For related information about vCloud Director user management, see the vCloud Director documentation.