Creates a CSV data file that is used to import virtual machines to a vRealize Automation deployment.


CloudUtil.exe Machine-BulkRegisterExport [-b|--blueprint] [-m|--managed] [-e|--exportNames] [-p|--properties] -f|--filename <Value> [-g|--group <Value>] [-i|--ignore] [-o|--owner <Value>] [-t|--machinetype <Value>] [-n|--resourceName <Value>] [-r|--resourceType <Value>] [--repository <Value>] [-sn|--sourcename <Value>] [-st|--sourcetype <Value>] -u|--user <value> [-v|--verbose]

Machine-BulkRegisterExport Arguments

Table 1.



-b | - -blueprint

(Optional) Include blueprint name.

-e | - -exportNames

(Optional) Export names instead of GUIDs.

-f | - -filename

Specify the name of the CSV data file containing a list of machine names, for example, filename.csv. File is saved in the current path by default. You can also specify the complete path to a preferred directory.

-g | - -group

(Optional) Specify business group name, for example, Engineering.

-i | - -ignore

(Optional) Ignore invalid arguments.

-m | - -managed

(Optional) Export managed virtual machines. The default is export unmanaged virtual machines.

-n | - -resourceName

(Optional) To filter by resource name, specify the name of the Compute Resource or Endpoint.

-o | - -owner

(Optional) Specify owner of imported virtual machine, for example, jsmith.

-p | - -properties

(Optional) Export properties for managed virtual machines.

-r | - -resourceType

(Optional) To filter by resource type, specify 1 for Compute Resource or 2 for Endpoint .

- -repository

(Optional) The root URI of the Model Manager, for example, http://hostname/repository. Default is specified in the CloudUtil config file in the repositoryAddress key under the <appSettings> section.

-sn | - -sourcename

(Optional) Specify the name of the cluster or endpoint.

-st | - -sourcetype

(Optional) Specify the source type as Cluster or Endpoint.

-t | - -machinetype

(Optional) Specify machine type to be exported, for example, Virtual, Physical, Cloud, AppService, vApp.

-u | - -user

Specify the Fabric Administrator who performs the bulk registration.

-v | - -verbose

(Optional) If an error occurs, outputs a stack trace instead of just the exception message.