As the tenant administrator, your software managers asked you to create and apply approval policies for MySQL installations to track licensing usage. You create a policy to notify the software license manager whenever the MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines Software component is requested.

In some environments you might need this type of approval because license keys must be provided by the software manager. In this scenario, you only need the software manager to track and approve the request. After you create the approval policy, you apply the policy to the MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines catalog item. This approval policy is very specific and can only be applied to the MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines Software component in the entitlements.


  1. Select Administration > Approval Policies.
  2. Create an approval policy for the MySQL Software component.
    1. Click the New icon (Add).
    2. Select Select an item.
    3. Select MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Configure the following options:




      Enter MySQL tracking approval.


      Enter Approval request sent to software manager.


      Select Active.

  3. On the Pre Approval tab, click the Add icon (Add).
  4. Configure the Level Information tab with the triggering criteria and the approval actions.
    1. In the Name text box, enter MySQL software deployment notice.
    2. In the Description text box, enter Software mgr approval of software installation.
    3. Select Always required.
    4. Select Specific Users and Groups.
    5. Enter the name of the software manager in the search text box and click the search icon (Browse) and select the user.
    6. Select Anyone can approve.

      The request only needs one software manager to approve the request.

      Click OK.

  5. Click OK.


You created the approval policies for virtual machines and for MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines Software components. Until you apply the approval policies to an entitlement, no approvals are triggered.