You add a custom property to query a database when you want to retrieve values from that database to populate the custom property on the request form. The database custom property uses a vRealize Orchestrator action to run the query and retrieve the values.

The action is supported for the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQL


All retrieved values are converted to strings.


Verify that the vRealize Orchestrator SQL Plug-In is installed and configured to connect to the target database.

Custom Property Configuration Values

You use these options to create the custom property.

Table 1. Database Query Custom Property Configuration Values




You can use any string.

Data type


Display as




Action folder


Script action


This script action is an example script. You can create specific actions for your environment.

Input parameters

  • databaseName. Name of the database to which vRealize Orchestrator is connected.

  • sqlSelectQuery. The SQL select query that you are running on the database to retrieve the values. For example, select * <table name>.

  • keyColumnName. Name of the database column that is the key for the key pair value.

  • valueColumnName. Name of the database column from which you are retrieving values.

Blueprint Configuration

You can add a custom property to the blueprint Properties tab to associate the property with the overall blueprint.