The extending machine lifecycles by using vRealize Orchestrator checklist provides a high-level overview of the steps required to install and configure vRealize Orchestrator to customize IaaS machine lifecycles.

Table 1. Extending Machine Lifecycles by Using vRealize Orchestrator Checklist



Check Box Configure a vRealize Automation host for your vRealize Orchestrator.

Add a vRealize Automation Host

Check Box Configure an IaaS host for your vRealize Orchestrator.

Add an IaaS Host

Check Box Install the vRealize Orchestrator customizations for extending IaaS machine lifecycles.

Install vRealize Orchestrator Customization

Check Box Create a vRealize Automation endpoint for your vRealize Orchestrator instance.

Create a vRealize Orchestrator Endpoint

Check Box Use the workflow template provided in the Extensibility subdirectory of the vRealize Automation plug-in library to create a custom vRealize Orchestrator workflow to run during the machine lifecycle. You can run multiple workflows in the same state for the same blueprint as long as you nest them under a single wrapper workflow.

For information about developing workflows with vRealize Orchestrator, see the vRealize Orchestrator documentation. For training in vRealize Orchestrator development for vRealize Automation integrations, see the training courses available from VMware Education and the instructional material provided by VMware Learning.

Check Box Run the provided workflow that inserts your custom workflow into an IaaS workflow stub and configures a blueprint to call the IaaS workflow stub.


The workflow stubs are replaced by the event broker workflow subscriptions. They are still available, supported, and they can be used, but expect them to be removed in a future version of vRealize Automation. To ensure future product compatibility, you should use the workflow subscriptions to run custom workflows based on state changes. See Configuring Workflow Subscriptions to Extend vRealize Automation.

Assign a State Change Workflow to a Blueprint and Its Virtual Machines