As the vSphere administrator, you start the installation of vRealize Automation and wait for the installation to complete successfully.


  1. Return to the Create Snapshots page of the installation wizard and click Next.

    The installation starts. Depending on your network configuration, the installation can take between 15 minutes and one hour.

  2. Address any installation failures.



    If the failure is in the virtual appliance components

    • Revert all servers to snapshots, including the one from which you are running the wizard.

    • Make the required changes.

    • Refresh the wizard page.

    • Log on and run the wizard again.

    The wizard opens at the preinstallation step.

    If the Retry Failed button is enabled

    • Make the required changes.

    • Return to the Installation wizard and click Retry Failed.

    The installer attempts to install all failed components.

    If the Retry All IaaS button is enabled

    • Revert your Windows IaaS server to the snapshot you created earlier.

    • Make the required changes.

    • Return to the installation wizard and click Retry All IaaS.

    A confirmation message appears when the installation finishes.

  3. Review the installation summary and click Next.
  4. Enter your product license key and click Next.
  5. Verify your product license key and click Next.
  6. Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program and click Next.

    VMware receives information that enables product improvements.

  7. Enter VMware1! in the password text boxes to create credentials for a configuration administrator.
  8. Click Create Intial Content to create vRealize Automation catalog items that your configuration administrator can request.

    Creating initial content allows you to get a proof of concept environment up and running very shortly.

  9. Click Next.
  10. Click Finish.


You installed vRealize Automation for Rainpole, and created initial content catalog items for your configuration administrator to request.

For information about how to join or leave the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program, see Join or Leave the Customer Experience Improvement Program for vRealize Automation.

What to do next

Prepare a template and customization object in vSphere that you can use to clone machines in vRealize Automation. See Scenario: Prepare vSphere Resources for Machine Provisioning in Rainpole.