As the configuration administrator, you want to request a vRealize Automation catalog item that quickly configures vRealize Automation to manage your vSphere environment for a proof of concept.


  1. Navigate to the vRealize Automation console, https://vra01svr01.rainpole.local/vcac.
  2. Enter the configuration administrator username, configurationadmin, and password VMware1!.
  3. Select Catalog.
  4. Click Request on the vSphere Initial Setup catalog item.

  5. If prompted, specify that initial content be created in your default tenant.
  6. Enter description, reason for request, and deployment information on the Deployment page.
  7. Enter the required information on the General and Storage pages.
  8. If required, enter the following details for your vSphere environment.



    Endpoint name

    Rainpole vCenter

    Endpoint host

    FQDN of the machine on which you installed your vCenter Server. For example, vsphereA.rainpole.local.

    Compute resource

    Enter the vSphere cluster on which you created the virtual machine template Rainpole_centos_63_x86.

    vSphere Endpoint Credentials

    Enter the vSphere credentials you prepared for vRealize Automation to manage your vSphere environment.

  9. Click Submit.

    The request might take up to 15 minutes to complete. You can monitor the status of your request on the Requests tab.


You submitted the catalog item request. Virtual machine templates on your vSphere compute resource are discovered and some basic vRealize Automation elements are created.

What to do next

When the request is complete, a manual user action appears in your inbox. You need to select which virtual machine templates you want to import into the catalog and determine which of your vSphere resources those catalog items can consume.