You use a single script to install the Java Runtime Environment, guest agent, and Software bootstrap agent on your Linux reference machine. From the reference machine, you can create a template for cloning, a snapshot, or an Amazon machine image that supports Software components.

Software supports scripting with Bash.


The boot process must not be interrupted. Configure the virtual machine so that nothing pauses the virtual machine boot process before reaching the login prompt. For example, verify that no processes or scripts prompt for user interaction while the virtual machine starts.


  • Identify or create a Linux reference machine.

  • Verify that the following commands are available, depending on your Linux system:

    • yum or apt-get

    • wget or curl

    • python

    • dmidecode as required by cloud providers

    • Common requirements such as sed, awk, perl, chkconfig, unzip, and grep depending on your Linux distribution

    You might also use an editor to inspect the downloaded script, which exposes the commands that it uses.

  • If you plan to remotely access the machine for troubleshooting or other reasons, install OpenSSH.

  • Remove network configuration artifacts from the network configuration files.


  1. Log in to your reference machine as root.
  2. Download the template tar.gz package from the vRealize Automation appliance.

    wget https://vrealize-automation-appliance-FQDN/software/download/prepare_vra_template_linux.tar.gz

    If your environment is using self-signed certificates, you might need the --no-check-certificate option.

    wget --no-check-certificate https://vrealize-automation-appliance-FQDN/software/download/prepare_vra_template_linux.tar.gz

  3. Untar the package.

    tar -xvf prepare_vra_template_linux.tar.gz

  4. In the untar output, find the installer script, and make it executable.

    chmod +x

  5. Run the installer script.


    If you need information about non-interactive options and expected values, see the script help.

    ./ --help

  6. Follow the prompts.

    A confirmation appears when installation succeeds. If errors and logs appear, resolve the errors and rerun the script.

  7. When finished, shut down the Linux virtual machine.


The script removes any previous guest or Software bootstrap agents, and installs the supported versions of the Java Runtime Environment, the guest agent, and the Software bootstrap agent.

What to do next

On your hypervisor or cloud provider, turn the reference machine into a template for cloning, a snapshot, or an Amazon machine image. Each supports Software components, and infrastructure architects can use them when creating blueprints.