Using your IaaS architect privileges, you drag a vSphere machine component onto the design canvas and configure the general details for machines provisioned by using your blueprint.

Only IaaS architects are allowed to configure machine components. Application and Software architects are only allowed to use machine components by reusing the published machine blueprints that you create.


  1. Click the Machine Types category in the left navigation pane.

    Machine component types appear in the lower panel.

  2. Drag and drop a vSphere machine component onto the canvas.
  3. Enter Golden Standard CentOS Machine in the Description text box.
  4. Select Use group default from the Machine prefix drop-down menu.

    If you plan to import these blueprints into your other environments, selecting the group default instead of the specific Rainpole prefix prevents you from configuring your blueprint to work with a machine prefix that might not be available.

What to do next

You configure the machine component to clone machines from the CentOS template you created.