You can configure vRealize Automation to use vRealize Operations Manager health and resource metrics for vSphere virtual machines.

For more information about vRealize Operations Manager health badges and metrics, see the vRealize Operations Manager documentation.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator, business group manager, or machine owner.

  • Create a vRealize Operations Manager user account with view and resource metrics query privileges for all vSphere servers that you integrate with vRealize Automation.

  • Create vRealize Operations Manager adapter instances for all vSphere servers you add as endpoints in vRealize Automation. For information about creating adapter instances, see the vRealize Operations Manager documentation.


  1. Select Administration > Reclamation > Metrics Provider.
  2. Select a metrics provider.



    (Default) vRealize Automation metrics provider

    If you do not have a vRealize Operations Manager instance, vRealize Automation provides basic machine metrics.

    vRealize Operations Manager endpoint

    Provide connection information for the vRealize Operations Manager instance you want to use as your metrics provider for vSphere virtual machines.

  3. Click Test Connection.
  4. Click Save.


Tenant administrators, machine owners, and business group managers of the group in which the machine resides can view health badges and health alerts on the item details pages for vSphere virtual machines. They can also view vRealize Operations Manager metrics and health badges when they filter by the platform type vSphere on the reclamations page.

What to do next

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