You create a vRealize Orchestrator workflow that accepts the required input parameter. You design the workflow to accomplish your post-provisioning goal.

For information about creating vRealize Orchestrator folders and workflows, see Developing with VMware vRealize Orchestrator.


Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator that is the instance configured for vRealize Automation with privileges that allow you to create a workflow.


  1. Create a folder for your workflow subscription workflows in the workflow library.
  2. Create a new workflow.

    For this scenario, name the workflow Automation Post-Provisioning Snapshot.

  3. Add the following input parameter.





  4. Add a scriptable task that accepts the input parameter and creates a virtual machine snapshot.
  5. Save the workflow.

What to do next

You create a workflow subscription that runs your Automation Post-Provisioning Snapshot workflow. Scenario: Create a Post-Provisioning Snapshot Workflow Subscription.