A compute resource is an object that represents a host, host cluster, or pool in a virtualization platform, a virtual datacenter, or an Amazon region on which machines can be provisioned.

An IaaS administrator can add compute resources to or remove compute resources from a fabric group. A compute resource can belong to more than one fabric group, including groups that different fabric administrators manage. After a compute resource is added to a fabric group, a fabric administrator can create reservations on it for specific business groups. Users in those business groups can then be entitled to provision machines on that compute resource.

Information about the compute resources on each infrastructure source endpoint and machines provisioned on each compute resource is collected at regular intervals.

Table 1. Examples of Compute Resources for Infrastructure Sources

Infrastructure Source

Compute Resource

vSphere (vCenter)

ESX or ESXi host or cluster

Hyper-V (SCVMM)

Hyper-V host


KVM host

vCloud Director

virtual datacenter

Amazon AWS

Amazon region