As the security administrator, you configure an allowed list of URLs that can be used in the message board portlet so that you can ensure added security.


Log in to vRealize Automation as a security administrator.


  1. Select Administration > Message Board Whitelist.
  2. Click New.
  3. Add a URL and click OK.

    The URL entries can include following content:

    • IP address or FQDN of a site. For example,

    • Includes https.

    • Can include allowed ports. If a port is not specified, the allowed ports are 80 and 443.

  4. Repeat for each additional entry.


A tenant administrator cannot add a URL to the message board unless it is included in this list.

What to do next

Verify that you can add a URL included in your whitelist to the message board. See Broadcast a Message on the Message Board Portlet.