As a blueprint architect, you want to allow your users to choose whether to provision machines on your Boston or London infrastructure, so you edit your existing vSphere CentOS blueprint to enable the locations feature.

Workflow diagram for enabling datacenter locations

You have a datacenter in London, and a datacenter in Boston, and you don't want users in Boston provisioning machines on your London infrastructure or vice versa. To ensure that Boston users provision on your Boston infrastructure, and London users provision on your London infrastructure, you want to allow users to select an appropriate location for provisioning when they request machines.



  1. Select Design > Blueprints.
  2. Point to your Centos on vSphere blueprint and click Edit.
  3. Select the machine component on your canvas to bring up the General details tab.
  4. Select the Display location on request check box.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Point to your Centos on vSphere blueprint and click Publish.


Business group users are now prompted to select a datacenter location when they request a machine to be provisioned from your blueprint.