You can use vSwap to determine swap space availability for the maximum size swap file on a target machine. The vSwap check occurs when you create or reconfigure a virtual machine from vRealize Automation. vSwap allocation checking is only available for vCenter Server endpoints.

vRealize Automation storage allocation checks if there is sufficient space available on the datastore to accommodate virtual machine disks during a create or reconfigure request. However, when the machine is powered on, if enough space is not available to create swap files on the vCenter Server endpoint, the machine fails to power on. When the power on operation fails, any customizations that depend on the machine also fail. The machine may also be disposed of. Depending on the size of the request, feedback that the machine is not powering on or not provisioning is not immediately obvious.

You can use the vSwap allocation check to help overcome these limitations by checking swap space availability for the maximum size swap file as part of the vRealize Automation create and reconfigure process for vCenter Server endpoints. To enable the vSwap allocation check, set the custom property VirtualMachine.Storage.ReserveMemory to True in the machine component or overall blueprint.

Consider the following behaviors for vSwap allocation checks:

  • The swap file is located on the datastore that contains the virtual machine. Alternate vCenter Server configurations for locating swap files on a dedicated or different datastore are not supported.

  • Swap size is considered when creating or reconfiguring a virtual machine . The maximum swap size is the size of the virtual machine's memory.

  • Reserved values for vRealize Automation storage reservations in a host must not exceed the physical capacity of the compute resource.

  • When creating a reservation, the sum of the reserved values must not exceed the available storage space.

  • Resource pool or host level or virtual machine level memory reservations on vSphere are not collected from the vSphere endpoint and not considered during the calculations on vRealize Automation.

  • vSwap does not validate the swap space that is available during power on operations for existing machines.

  • You must re-run data collection to capture any changes made to the vSphere endpoint relative to vSwap.