You can add, delete, or change the size of a storage volume on a provisioned virtual machine.

You cannot reconfigure storage for the IDE disk type.

Storage and memory that are assigned to a provisioned machine by a reservation are released when the machine to which they are assigned is deleted in vRealize Automation by the Destroy action. The storage and memory are not released if the machine is deleted in the vCenter Server.

For example, you cannot delete a reservation that is associated with machines in an existing deployment. If you move or delete deployed machines manually in the vCenter Server, vRealize Automation continues to recognize the deployed machines as live and prevents you from deleting associated reservations.


Specify Machine Reconfiguration Settings and Considerations for Reconfiguration.

For provisioned Amazon deployments, you can reconfigure all storage volumes in the deployment except for the root volume.


  1. Click the Storage tab.

    The allowable range for storage appears below the Storage volumes table.

  2. Add or edit available storage volume settings.
    1. Click New Volume.
    2. Type the capacity in the Capacity (GB) text box.
    3. Select a storage reservation policy from the Storage reservation policy drop-down menu.
    4. Click the Save icon (Save).
  3. Delete a volume.
    1. Locate the volume.
    2. Click the Delete icon (Delete).

    An unselectable icon indicates an undeletable volume such as one from a linked clone.

  4. Increase the size of a volume.

    You cannot reduce the size of existing volumes. Volume size is limited by the total amount of storage specified in the blueprint, less the amount allocated to other volumes.

    1. Locate the volume.
    2. Click the Edit icon (Edit).
    3. Type the new size in the Capacity (GB) text box.
    4. Click the Save icon (Save).

What to do next

Specify additional machine reconfiguration settings. If you have finished changing machine settings, start the machine reconfiguration request. See Execute the Requested Machine Reconfiguration.