A system administrator can use an HP Server Automation boot image to enable vRealize Automation to provision machines by using that instance of HP Server Automation.


  • A system from which HP Server Automation deploys images is available on the network.

  • An EPI agent installed. See Install an EPI Agent for HP Server Automation.

  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a system administrator.


  1. On the EPI/Opsware Agent host, select Start > Administrative Tools > Services, and stop the vRealize Automation EPI/Opsware Agent.
  2. On the EPI agent installation host, which may be the same as the Manager Service host, change to the EPI agent installation directory, typically %SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC Agents\agent_name.
  3. Edit the agent configuration file, VRMAgent.exe.config, in the EPI agent installation directory.
    1. Locate the following line.
    2. Change the line to match the following line.
  4. Create an HP SA password file in the Scripts folder.

    The credentials you provide for this file must have administrator access to all instances of HP SA with which the agent will interact.

    1. Select Start > All Programs > Windows Power- Shell 1.0 > Windows PowerShell.
    2. Change to the Scripts directory.
    3. Type \CreatePasswordFile.ps1 username.
    4. Type the password when prompted.
    5. Type Exit.
  5. On the vRealize Automation EPI/Opsware Agent host, select Start > Administrative Tools > Services, and then start or restart the vRealize Automation EPI/Opsware Agent service.