The vRealize Automation appliance is a preconfigured Linux virtual appliance. The vRealize Automation appliance is delivered as an open virtualization file that you deploy on existing virtualized infrastructure such as vSphere.

The vRealize Automation appliance performs several functions central to vRealize Automation.

  • The appliance contains the server that hosts the vRealize Automation product portal, where users log in to access self-service provisioning and management of cloud services.
  • The appliance manages single sign-on (SSO) for user authorization and authentication.
  • The appliance server hosts a management interface for vRealize Automation appliance settings.
  • The appliance includes a preconfigured PostgreSQL database used for internal vRealize Automation appliance operations.

    In large deployments with redundant appliances, the secondary appliance databases serve as replicas to provide high availability.

  • The appliance includes a preconfigured instance of vRealize Orchestrator. vRealize Automation uses vRealize Orchestrator workflows and actions to extend its capabilities.

    The embedded instance of vRealize Orchestrator is now recommended. In older deployments or special cases, however, users might connect vRealize Automation to an external vRealize Orchestrator instead.

  • The appliance contains the downloadable Management Agent installer. All Windows servers that make up your vRealize Automation IaaS must install the Management Agent.

    The Management Agent registers IaaS Windows servers with the vRealize Automation appliance, automates the installation and management of IaaS components, and collects support and telemetry information.