The containers functionality within vRealize Automation allows you to provision a single image on a PKS cluster.

After a PKS cluster has been added, you can provision a single image on it as a combination of a Kubernetes pod and deployment.


  • Container developer privilege
  • PKS cluster


  1. Navigate to Library > Repositories.
  2. Select desired registry from the drop-down menu.
  3. Search for an existing image within that registry using the repositories text box.
  4. Click Provision on the desired image tile.
  5. Enter provisioning details and click Provision.


The selected image is provisioned on the Kubernetes cluster and appears in the sidebar Requests window. It is also displayed under Kubernetes > Deployments and Kubernetes > Pods for verification purposes.

Note: You can also provision your cluster by downloading the kubeconfig file and using the command kubectl. For more information, see PKS Cluster Details .