You can add configuration management components to vSphere blueprints to support configuration management of vSphere virtual machines.

vRealize Automation supports the addition of Puppet and Ansible configuration management functionality into vSphere blueprints.

Puppet-based configuration management typically uses roles and environments to define and manage software configuration based on the Puppet Enterprise application. Be aware that the meaning of role and environment in Puppet differs for the more IT generic meaning.

Ansible-based configuration management is based on job templates as defined on an Ansible Tower implementation. You can choose and reorder multiple templates. You can run these templates after a machine is deployed and before it is destroyed from vRealize Automation.

An endpoint establishes a connection with an existing Puppet or Ansible enterprise deployment. When the endpoint is created, vRealize Automation retrieves the appropriate information from the specified deployments. You can specify either early binding or late binding scenarios when configuring a Puppet or Ansible enabled virtual machine blueprint.

Note: Ansible and Puppet components are currently supported only on vSphere blueprints and virtual machines.