The subscription options determine when a workflow runs based on event messages in vRealize Automation. Use the options to manage your subscriptions.

A subscription represents a user's intent to subscribe to events for a given event topic and to run a workflow when an event for the topic is received that matches defined conditions.

You must be a tenant administrator to create a workflow subscription. All workflow subscriptions are specific to your tenant.

To manage your workflow subscriptions, select Administration > Events > Subscriptions.

Table 1. Workflow Subscription options
Option Description
New Create a new subscription.
Edit Modify the selected subscription.

If the subscription is published, the saved changes are immediately active.

You cannot edit the event topic or modify the blocking option for a published or unpublished subscription.

Publish Make the subscription active.

The events from the event broker service are processed and the subscription conditions are evaluated. If a configured condition is true, the workflow is triggered.

Unpublish Return a subscription to a draft state.

The subscription is no longer active in your environment and no longer receives events.

If you republish a subscription, the subscription starts to receive new events. Past events are not received.

Delete Delete the selected subscription.