If your desired cluster configuration does not exist, you can request a new cluster for an existing PKS endpoint.

As either a container developer or container administrator, you can request a new cluster for your PKS endpoint. Each PKS endpoint can contain multiple clusters. After a new cluster has been created, you can add it to your environment using Add cluster and provision it as desired.


  • An existing PKS endpoint
  • Container developer or container administrator privilege


  1. Select PKS Clusters > New Cluster.
  2. Select the PKS endpoint.
    After selecting a PKS endpoint, the plan is automatically populated according to the plans available for your business group.
  3. Enter the details of the cluster.
    Note: Although the number of worker nodes is defined by the plan, you can modify the number according to your needs.
  4. Select how to connect to this cluster:
    • Master host name - Connects using the hostname of the cluster, assuming a DNS record exists.
    • Master Node IP - Connects using the IP address of the cluster.
  5. Click Create.


The new cluster is created and appears on the PKS Clusters homepage.