Choose an endpoint scenario based on the target endpoint type.

For information about available endpoint settings, see Endpoint Settings Reference.

Table 1. Choosing an Endpoint Scenario
Endpoint More Information
vSphere See Create a vSphere Endpoint.
NSX See Create an NSX for vSphere Endpoint and Associate to a vSphere Endpoint or Create an NSX-T Endpoint and Associate to a vSphere Endpoint.
vCloud Air (Subscription or OnDemand) See Create a vCloud Air Endpoint.
vCloud Director See Create a vCloud Director Endpoint.
vRealize Orchestrator See Create a vRealize Orchestrator Endpoint.
vRealize Operations See Create a vRealize Operations Manager Endpoint.
Third party IPAM provider See Create a Third-Party IPAM Provider Endpoint.
Microsoft Azure See Create a Microsoft Azure Endpoint.
Puppet See Create a Puppet Endpoint.
Amazon See Create an Amazon Endpoint and Add an Amazon Instance Type.
OpenStack See Create an OpenStack Endpoint.
Proxy Create a Proxy Endpoint and Associate to a Cloud Endpoint
Hyper-V (SCVMM) See Create a Hyper-V (SCVMM) Endpoint.
KVM (RHEV) See Endpoint Settings Reference.
NetApp ONTAP See Space-Efficient Storage for Virtual Provisioning and Endpoint Settings Reference.
Hyper-V (Standalone), XenServer or Xen Pool Master See Create a Hyper-V, XenServer, or Xen Pool Endpoint.
Import endpoints See Import or Export Endpoints Programmatically.