When you determine that an approval policy is outdated, you can deactivate the policy so that it is not available during provisioning.

To deactivate an approval policy, you must assign a new policy for each entitlement to which the approval policy is currently applied.

You can later reactiveate a deactivated approval policy, or you can delete a deactivated policy.


Log in to vRealize Automation as a tenant administrator or approval administrator.


  1. Select Administration > Approval Policies.
  2. Click the approval policy name.
  3. Click View Linked Entitlements.
    1. In the Replace All With drop-down menu, select the new approval policy.
      If the list includes more than one entitlement, the new approval policy is applied to all the listed entitlements.
    2. Click OK.
  4. After you verify that no entitlements that are linked to the approval policy, select Inactive from the Status drop-menu.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To delete an approval policy, select the row containing the inactive policy.
    1. Click Delete.
    2. Click OK.


The approval policy is unlinked from any entitlements where it is used and deactivated. You can later reactivate and reapply it to items in an entitlement.

What to do next

If you not longer need the approval policy, you can delete it. See Delete an Approval Policy.