You can create and use custom resource actions to control Azure virtual machines.

The vRealize Automation Azure implementation is supplied with two custom resource actions out of the box:

  • Start virtual machine
  • Stop virtual machine

In addition, you can create custom resource actions using workflows that are accessible through vRealize Orchestrator library available from the vRealize Automation interface.

You can work with Azure resource actions just as with any other XaaS resource actions in vRealize Automation. See Designing XaaS Blueprints and Resource Actions and vRealize Orchestrator Integration in vRealize Automation for more information about XaaS resource actions.


Configure a valid Azure Endpoint for your vRealize Automation deployment.


  1. Select Design > XaaS > Resource Actions
  2. Click New.
  3. Navigate to Orchestrator > Library > Azure in thevRealize Orchestrator workflow library.
  4. Select the desired folder and workflow.
  5. Configure the action for your needs as you would any other XaaS resource action.