You can use metrics to identify underused machines that might be candidates for deployment reclamation.

You can use the basic metrics provided by vRealize Automation to sort and filter metrics information for all of your machines, or you can configure a vRealize Operations Manager endpoint to provide metrics and health badges for your vSphere virtual machines.

Select the candidate deployment and send a reclamation request to the owners of the machines. The machine owner has a fixed period of time to respond to the request. If machines in the deployment are still in use, the machine owner can stop the reclamation process and continue using the machine. If the machine is no longer needed, the owner can release the machine for reclamation, in which case the machine lease is ended. If the owner does not respond in a timely manner, a lease determined by the administrator is imposed. If the owner continues to take no action, the machine is powered off on the new expiration date, the machine is reclaimed, and the resources are freed.