Catalog items are published blueprints for machines, software components, and other objects. Actions in the catalog management area are published actions that you can run on the provisioned catalog items. You can use the lists to determine what blueprints and actions are published so that you can make them available to service catalog users.

Published Catalog Items

A catalog item is a published blueprint. Published blueprints can also be used in other blueprints. The reuse of blueprints in other blueprints is not displayed in the catalog items list.

The published catalog items can also include items that are only components of blueprints. For example, published software components are listed as catalog items, but they are available only as part of a deployment.

Deployment catalog items must be associated with a service so that you can make them available in the service catalog to entitled users. Only active items appear in the service catalog. You can configure catalog items to a different service, disable it if you want to temporarily remove it from the service catalog, and add a custom icon that appears in the catalog.

Published Actions

Actions are changes that you can make to provisioned catalog items. For example, you can reboot a virtual machine.

Actions can include built-in actions or actions created using XaaS. Built-in actions are added when you add a machine or other provided blueprint. XaaS actions must be created and published.

Actions are not associated with services. You must include an action in the entitlement that contains the catalog item on which the action runs. Actions that are entitled to users do not appear in the service catalog. The actions are available for the provisioned item on the service catalog user's Deployments tab based whether they are applicable to the item and to the current state of the item.

You can add a custom icon to the action that appears on the Deployments tab.