You can create a reservation for each vCloud Air machine subscription or OnDemand resource. Each reservation is configured for a specific business group to grant them access to request machines.

You can control the display of reservations when adding, editing, or deleting by using the Filter By Category option on the Reservations page. Note that test agent reservations do not appear in the reservations list when filtering by category.

Note: After you create a reservation, you cannot change the business group or compute resource associations.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Reservations > Reservations.
  2. Click the New icon (Add) and select the type of reservation to create.

    The available cloud reservation types are Amazon, OpenStack, vCloud Air, and vCloud Director.

    Select vCloud Air.

  3. Enter a name in the Name text box.
  4. Select a tenant from the Tenant drop-down menu.
  5. Select a business group from the Business group drop-down menu.
    Only users in this business group can provision machines by using this reservation.
  6. (Optional) Select a reservation policy from the Reservation policy drop-down menu.

    This option requires that one or more reservation policies exist. You can edit the reservation later to specify a reservation policy.

    You use a reservation policy to restrict provisioning to specific reservations.

  7. Enter a number in the Priority text box to set the priority for the reservation.
    The priority is used when a business group has more than one reservation. A reservation with priority 1 is used for provisioning over a reservation with priority 2.
  8. (Optional) Deselect the Enable this reservation check box if you do not want this reservation active.


Do not navigate away from this page. Your reservation is not complete.