Event topics are classes of events provided in vRealize Automation. You select the event topic on which to define the subscription.

Event topics are the categories that group similar events together. When assigned to a subscription, event topics define which event triggers the subscription.


  1. Select Administration > Events > Subscriptions.
  2. Click New and select an Event Topic.
    Table 1. Event Topic Details
    Event Topic Details Description
    Topic ID Event topic identifier.
    Name Name of the event topic.
    Description Description of the event topic.
    Publisher Name of the service for which this event topic is registered.
    Blockable Indicates whether you can create a blocking subscription for this event topic.

    Blocking subscriptions are used to change the event's payload or run your custom logic when the results of a second workflow for the same event depend on the results of the first workflow.

    Replyable Indicates whether an event topic subscription can publish a reply event to the service that originally produced the event. If the value is yes, a reply is sent to the service that published the original event when the workflow finishes. The reply contains the output of the vRealize Orchestrator workflow and any error details.
    Schema Describes the structure of the event's payload.

    You can use the schema to create workflows that can use the payload information.