After a PKS endpoint is created, you can register the available associated clusters to vRealize Automation.

After creating a PKS endpoint, you can register the associated clusters by adding a cluster in vRealize Automation. Once the clusters are registered you can provision single images on them.


  • Container administrator privilege
  • PSK endpoint with available clusters


  1. Verify that you are adding a cluster to the correct business group. The business group name is listed in the upper left pane. To switch between business groups, click Group.
  2. Select PKS Cluster > Add Cluster.
  3. Select the PKS endpoint to populate the available clusters.
  4. Select how to connect to this cluster:
    • Master host name - Connects using the hostname of the cluster, assuming a DNS record exists.
    • Master Node IP - Connects using the IP address of the cluster.
  5. Click Add.


The cluster appears on the PKS Clusters page.