A vRealize Automation IaaS DEM Worker that communicates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) must meet additional requirements, in addition to those for all IaaS Windows servers and DEMs in general.

A DEM Worker can communicate with AWS for provisioning. The DEM Worker communicates with, and collects data from, an Amazon EC2 account.

  • The DEM Worker must have Internet access.
  • If the DEM Worker is behind a firewall, HTTPS traffic must be allowed to and from aws.amazon.com as well as the URLs for EC2 regions that your AWS accounts have access to, such as ec2.us-east-1.amazonaws.com for the US East region.

    Each URL resolves to a range of IP addresses, so you might need to use a tool, such as the one available from the Network Solutions Web site, to list and configure these IP addresses.

  • If the DEM Worker reaches the Internet through a proxy server, the DEM service must be running under credentials that can authenticate to the proxy server.