On the Installation Prerequisites page, you pause to establish a connection to Windows machines that will host vRealize Automation IaaS. In addition, you select a time synchronization source.

IaaS Windows Servers

For a Windows machine to serve as an IaaS component host, you must download and install vCAC-IaaSManagementAgent-Setup.msi on the Windows machine.

Management Agent installation requires communication with a running vRealize Automation appliance. Each time that you install the Management Agent on Windows, that system becomes uniquely tied to the specific appliance and deployment.

Potential IaaS Windows servers that have the correct Management Agent installed appear under Discovered Hosts.

To have the Installation Wizard ignore a discovered host, click Delete. Deleting a Windows host does not remove its Management Agent. To uninstall the agent, use the Add or Remove Programs feature directly in Windows.

Time Source

You must synchronize every vRealize Automation appliance and IaaS Windows server to the same time source. The following sources are allowed:

  • Use Host Time—Synchronize to the vRealize Automation appliance ESXi host.
  • Use Time Server—Synchronize to one external Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. Enter the FQDN or IP address of the NTP server.

Do not mix time sources within a vRealize Automation deployment.