You install the Model Manager component on the same machine that hosts the first Web server component. You only install Model Manager Data once.


Install the First IaaS Web Server Component.


  1. Click the Model Manager Data tab.
  2. In the Server text box, enter the vRealize Automation appliance fully qualified domain name.

    Do not enter an IP address.

  3. Click Load to display the SSO Default Tenant.
    The vsphere.local default tenant is created automatically when you configure single sign-on. Do not modify it.
  4. Click Download to import the certificate from the virtual appliance.
    It might take several minutes to download the certificate.
  5. (Optional) Click View Certificate, view the certificate, and click OK to close the information window.
  6. Click Accept Certificate.
  7. Enter administrator@vsphere.local in the User name text box and enter the password you created when you configured the SSO in the Password and Confirm text boxes.
  8. (Optional) Click Test to verify the credentials.
  9. In the IaaS Server text box, identify the IaaS Web server component.
    Option Description
    With a load balancer Enter the fully qualified domain name and port number of the load balancer for the IaaS Web server component,

    Do not enter IP addresses.

    Without a load balancer Enter the fully qualified domain name and port number of the machine where you installed the IaaS Web server component,

    Do not enter IP addresses.

    The default port is 443.
  10. Click Test to verify the server connection.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Complete the Prerequisite Check.
    Option Description
    No errors Click Next.
    Noncritical errors Click Bypass.
    Critical errors Bypassing critical errors causes the installation to fail. If warnings appear, select the warning in the left pane and follow the instructions on the right. Address all critical errors and click Check Again to verify.
  13. On the Server and Account Settings page, in the Server Installation Information text boxes, enter the user name and password of the service account user that has administrative privileges on the current installation server.
    The service account user must be one domain account that has privileges on each distributed IaaS server. Do not use local system accounts.
  14. Provide the passphrase used to generate the encryption key that protects the database.
    Option Description
    If you have already installed components in this environment Type the passphrase you created previously in the Passphrase and Confirm text boxes.
    If this is the first installation Type a passphrase in the Passphrase and Confirm text boxes. You must use this passphrase every time you install a new component.
    Keep this passphrase in a secure place for later use.
  15. Specify the IaaS database server, database name, and authentication method for the database server in the Microsoft SQL Database Installation Information text box.
    This is the IaaS database server, name, and authentication information that you created previously.
  16. Click Next.
  17. Click Install.
  18. When the installation finishes, deselect Guide me through the initial configuration and click Next.

What to do next

You can install additional Web server components or install the Manager Service. See Install Additional IaaS Web Server Components or Install the Active Manager Service.